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Timestamp Change Tool

If you move an image file, such as a photo taken with a smartphone camera, to the SD card, the file update date may be changed.
With this tool, you can match the update date and time of an image file with the photographing date and time recorded in Exif.



In addition to individual changes, you can use five different patterns.
1, Same as photographing date
2, Same as [Date, Hour] on the photographing date
3, Same as [Date, Hour, Minute] on the photographing date
4, Same as [Date, Hour] on the photographing date by lag (recommended)
5, Same as [Date, Hour, Minute] on the photographing date by lag

4 is recommended to correct problems caused by moving to the SD card.

If the photographing date is not registered in Exif of the image file, it cannot be corrected automatically.


Introduction Video

A brief explanation of how to use this tool.

Timestamp Change Tool introduction



This tool can be downloaded for free from the Google Plya store.
Please use it from the following download page. 

Timestamp Change Tool



This issue has been raised on the forum.


I understand you can view photos in either 'folder' view or 'time' view.
I utilize both as each has their advantages when looking for photos on the SD card.

Today, I moved to a larger SD card and now when viewing under the time view, everything shows up under today's date.
Any way to force them back to show in separate dates?

The photos are still arranged OK in the folder view, nothing changed there.


Change time view for photos reloaded to SD card? - Android Forums at


So I take a ton of pictures and also have tons of pictures saved from messaging apps automatically. Once my device gets full I transfer all these photos to the SD card. Then when I went to gallery they were all out of order. Checked the created dates on everything and they were all of that days date.


Moving pictures from device to SD card is resetting the dates. All my pics are now out of order. Very frustrating. : galaxynote4



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